Why Tiny?

The tiny house movement is an architectural and social movement that promotes downsizing living spaces, simplifying your life and living with less. Tiny homes are designed in a way that allows you to live in a fully functioning home, just with a smaller square meterage. Tiny homes come with many advantages which include: Lower living costs, small carbon footprint and a simpler more purposeful life.

Prefab homes

With tiny living comes prefab modular homes - these homes are built off-site in factories under controlled environments.


The benefits of prefab homes:


  • A more sustainable process

  • Fast construction speed

  • Minimal waste

  • Modular  (start small and plan for your future)

  • Quality control

Container homes

Container homes are prefabricated storage boxes that are repurposed into homes.


“Currently there are 17 million shipping containers across the globe, only 6 million are being utilized, that means that 11 million are unused and sitting stagnant”


The benefits of a container home:


  • Durable

  • Cost effective

  • Creative freedom

  • Mobility

  • Speedy construction

  • Modular