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  • Do you work on vehicles other than vans?
    We do consider working on vehicles other than vans such as Jimney's, VW Transporters, and other 4 x 4 vehicles. Should the build be outside of the scope that BML is offering, the customer will be notified of other options.
  • How long does it take to build a camper?
    It depends on what features and how extensive the build is. It is normal to see a build take between 8-12 weeks. Please contact us to book a time slot as we get pre-booked fast.
  • What van would you suggest we look at getting?
    It depends on your requirements and how you would like to use the van. Our go to van would be the 144 inch Sprinter High Roof. However, the 144 inch Sprinter Low Roof is also a great option (if the lower height does not bother you)
  • How much does a camper conversion cost?
    Pricing varies depending on your requirements. A standard van conversion on a Mercedes Sprinter 144 inch wheel base approximate price R350,000-R400,000k. On lighter, smaller builds such as a Ford Transit custom or VW Transporter you will be looking at between R200,000-R250,000 and for smaller 4 x 4 vehicles R140,000-R180,000k. Please note: These prices are estimates based on what we have done in the past and ultimately depends on what systems and extras you want to go for.
  • Do you rent vans out?
    We currently do not rent vans out. However, we are working on making this available.
  • Do you install customer provided parts?
    Unfortunately we do not install customer provided parts. There is a myriad of reasons why we do not offer this service. One of the biggest reasons is quality. We cannot guarantee it, if we didn't source the part ourselves.
  • Do you do custom van layouts?
    Yes we do. However, the more the design varies from our standard van layouts the more design time is required therefore costing will go up. Please also note: The style in the vans we build remains fixed such as the timber used on the walls (birch plywood). We do not work with vinyl and plastics as we want to remain authentic with the look and feel of our builds.
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